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What we do

Youth Entrepreneurship        I       Migrant Entrepreneurship    I    Intercultural Innovation 

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with tools and connections, fostering business ownership for positive social and economic impact. 

We achieve these through four main delivery modes:


Big Ideas Days

Big Ideas Day introduces business ownership, enhancing entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills in your community. It evaluates idea viability and success potential, welcoming diverse participants to identify opportunities for financial and time investment in their concepts.



A blend of online and in person coaching, mentoring, roundtables. web development and pitching, our 3-6 month pre-accelerator programs provide ongoing and intensive business support to participants. ​Many businesses have launched or grown in this short time and the tools and resources have lifetime value for participants.


Business Builder Workshops

This two-day Workshop helps participants develop ideas or expand their current businesses. It covers customer validation, value proposition, costs, revenue, and marketing channels, equipping them with skills and resources for business ownership or growth.



To scale or go global, this 6-month accelerator program provides intensive business development, online learning, management coaching, mentoring, peer to peer learning and pitch skills.

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