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Innovation Generation

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Established in 2015, iGen Foundation drives economic empowerment for Australian youth, migrants, and regional communities through entrepreneurship and innovation.

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About us

We are a registered charity with a commitment to cultivating entrepreneurship by young people, migrants and people in regional communities.


We believe that self-employment, particularly for people in groups or areas experiencing high unemployment, can lead to self-determination, a sense of belonging and intercultural networks, a focus on the future and economic ripple effects felt for many generations to come. 


Our work in the area of intercultural innovation in Australia is unique and is applied to all our projects and activities. It's our mission to ensure that people have the greatest opportunity to meet people of different ages, genders, cultures, nationalities, religions, languages and any other 'differences' we may see in each other. The more we meet people who are 'not like us,' the more we will innovate to solve diverse problems, feel accepted, more trusting and less afraid of others.


Over the years we've worked with more than a hundred not for profit organisations to help build collective and individual governance capability, organisational strategic plans - especially in the area of board and staff recruitment diversity - and policies and procedures.


Good not-for-profit governance is critical to well functioning organisations which meet the needs of the people they were established to serve.

iGen Foundation's objectives

New Entrepreneurs

Advancing the capabilities of young entrepreneurs and innovators in Australia, including migrants and regional communities, through tailored programs.

Intercultural Innovation

Advancing the cultivation of sustainable, harmonious culturally diverse communities, practices, and processes in Australia via intercultural innovation.

Good Governance

Advancing the standards of good governance and the impact of nonprofit organizations in Australia.

Business Builder Community

Business Builders are individuals and corporations that have consistently invested in and supported iGen Foundation's vision of empowering youth and migrants through entrepreneurship, year after year.


Some notable Business Builders include:

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Bacsons Pty Ltd.png
Coinjar logo.png

If you are a philanthropic individual or represent a business interested in sponsoring our work through sponsorships, bequests, or workplace giving, please contact us, and a member of our team will reach out to you.

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